BLASPHEMY: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Sun Dec 1 00:55:54 EST 2002

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>> On Sat, 30 Nov 2002 1:07:22 -0600, John K. Nightlight wrote
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>> > Is this why you'd prefer to dwell on this rather than acknowledging that
>> > there is NO evidence that your original premise is correct: namely, that
>> > alcohol kills hundreds of thousands of Americans each year?
>> --------------------------------------------------------
>> I have no personal knowledge of "hundreds of thousands" but I've lost
>> and acquaintances over the years to alcohol and traffic deaths.
>> That number is high enough that it stretches "coincidence" past
>Even if someone were to believe your anecdotes, they remain anecdotes, and
>anecdotes don't even begin to make the case for our Draconian DWI laws,
>particularly when so much scientific evidence disputes them.

Even if someone were to believe you "direct observations" of Russians
and Germans and Swedes, they remain anecdotes, and anecdotes don't
even begin to make the case that DWI is more healthy than driving

>So, Gary, if the US GOVERNMENT web site reports that 5.4% of all drivers in
>fatal accidents had a BAC > or = 0.10, then WHO is the safest driver, and by
>how much:
>A)  Drivers with a BAC > or = 0.10, or
>B)  Drivers with a BAC < 0.10



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