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BLASPHEMY: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Gray Shockley gray at compcomm.com
Mon Dec 2 01:21:51 EST 2002

On Sun, 1 Dec 2002 23:29:01 -0600, John Knight wrote
(in message <xcCG9.48947$kz4.2508074 at news2.west.cox.net>):

> If you just look around the world, you'll easily see that White cultures who
> miscegenated with niggers and jews and latrinos and other muds can't even
> build roads, hospitals, libraries, sewers, nor can they form just and stable
> societies today, regardless of how great were the societies they had built
> BEFORE they miscegenated.

I realize that you're not friendly with citizens of the United States but we 
don't have any problem with building roads, hospitals, libraries or sewers.

> What does race have to do with religion?  You'll notice that most jews
> practice Talmudism (which nobody else practices, and jews practice no other
> "religion").  Most Asians practice Buddhism, except for Japanese who mostly
> practice Shintoism.  Most Indians practice Hinduism or Muslim.  Most Arabs
> practice Muslim.
> It's the religion which PRESERVES the race, 

Why should anyone care about preserving any race but the human one?

> which is why most White Christian Israelites today are precisely 
> the same race of the ancient Israelites, 

Oh, that's silly nonsense. Anyone who claims any ancestry from the British 
Isles is a result of some of the longest-lasting miscegnation (using the word 
to mean producing children from outside an established group) that has ever 
existed as the Isles were invaded enough times by enough people to make sure 
that plenty of divergent genes were spread. Or do you believe that invading 
armies merely looted and pillaged and did no rape?

> and why jews are the mongrel descendants of Ashkenaz, Jehudi,
> Moab, Esau, and others.

So? And so? This has some sort of strange significance for you and the other 
12 wacko's who share your cultic beliefs.

We're all "mongrels".

Anyone who is not a "mongrel" is the intellectual equivalent of a toy poodle. 
It's called "inbreeding".

> John Knight

Of course I've read enough of your rather silly babblings to think you may 
well be a "purebred" - the result of inbreeding for generations.

Gray Shockley
"Swinehood hath no remedy." - Sidney Lanier

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