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BLASPHEMY: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

John Knight jwknight at polbox.com
Tue Dec 3 14:51:03 EST 2002

"Whitey" <paulaw at attbi.com> wrote in message
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> "John Knight" <jwknight at polbox.com> wrote in message
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> > "Gray Shockley" <gray at compcomm.com> wrote in message
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> > > On Sat, 30 Nov 2002 1:14:49 -0600, John Knight wrote
> > > (in message <JzZF9.33547$kz4.1646689 at news2.west.cox.net>):
> > >
> > > > It is BLASPHEMY to Our Lord Jesus Christ, to the Holy Bible, to the
> 91%
> > of
> > > > Americans who REJECT the "theory of evolution", and to two billion
> other
> > > > Christians in the world, to proclaim that "we all came from the
> > >
> > > --------------------------------------------------------
> > >
> > > And you are the representative for Jesus, for 91% of the U.S.
> > and
> > > for the Holy Bible?
> > >
> > > Aren't you confusing yourself with God?
> > >
> >
> >
> > If you *really* think it requires God to read the surveys which report
> that
> > only 9% of Americans believe that "Human beings have developed over
> millions
> > of years from less advanced forms of life. God had no part in this
> process",
> > then you *really* are a "liberal".
> >
> > To this amoral, thoughtless, amorphous, arrogant, ignorant 9%, a
> > that we all came from the sea might sound perfectly ok.  But to the vast
> > majority of the 93% who're putative Christians in this putative
> > nation, it's the sheer definition of BLASPHEMY.
> >
> > Until you change the dictionaries, or the law, or Christianity, or the
> Holy
> > Bible, or the US Constitution, it shall remain BLASPHEMY.
> >
> > John Knight
> >
> >
> You're full of .hit, John. What surveys are you speaking of? And the
> question as posed does NOT give the answer you think it does. The
> you quoted was - "Human beings have developed over millions
> > of years from less advanced forms of life. God had no part in this
> process",
> Well, hate to bust your bong bubble Forrest, but the evidence is
> clear and irrefutable that humans DID develop over millions of years from
> less advanced life forms, but science does not care whether god even
> or whether he/she/it had a "hand" in said evolution, as such things are
> the theologans to ponder, not the scientists. The question forces people
> believe that evolution is reality but who also believe that god or some
> higther power had a hand in it to choose between answering that they
> that evolution does not exist or that god had no hand in evolution,
> of which they actually believe. So they just chose the lesser of two
> You would be very disappointed if you asked that point as two seperate
> questions rather than trying to force people into answering the question
> way you want to by skewing the question towards a predetermined premise.
> That's dishonest at best, and desperate at worst. You may call it
> "blasphemy" if you wish, but both Galileo and Copernicus were called
> blasphemous for merely reporting the REALITY of what can be seen and
> observed and PROVEN. And such charges of blasphemy did not alter said
> reality, or cause the sun to orbit the earth, and neither will your empty
> charges of blasphemy alter the truth and the reality that we have evolved
> from far humbler things than your ego and closed-minded unthinking
> to a particular world view can allow you to admit. I dub thee Ramses, King
> of Denial. Let me know when you manage to fire up your other rational
> there, John.
> Byte Me.
> P.S. What the .uck is this thread doing on soc.men in the first place
> anyways? Give me one good reason why I shouldn't erase soc.men from the
> header.

Welcome to the 9% moronic minority, garryowen, made up mostly if not
exclusively of jews, niggers, feminazis, latrinos, and other muds and

We already know how people would respond to the question, because they've
already responded to it, and we already know that only 9% of Americans
accept your "facts" as reality.

The fact that half of American "scientists" also accept your "facts" as
reality doesn't discredit creation or God--it discredits only those STUPIP
afffirmative action "scientists", and the once-fine institutions of learning
from which they stole their degrees.

Your statement "science does not care whether god even exists or whether
[He] had a 'hand in said evolution", defies logic as well as contradicts the
dictionary definition of "science".  By doing that, you don't discredit
"science"--you discredit yourself.

John Knight

ps--which surveys?  You got the url's, right?  Do they work?  Yup, just
tried them:



pps-garryowen, if you have a point to make, then you should be able to make
it sans all the profanity, blasphemy, and other firey rhetoric.  Your
resorting to such tactics, which is what most "evolutionists" do when
confronted with the facts, suggests that you can't support your position.

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