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BLASPHEMY: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

John Knight jwknight at polbox.com
Tue Dec 3 15:33:46 EST 2002

"Whitey" <paulaw at attbi.com> wrote in message
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> > On Sat, 30 Nov 2002 1:14:49 -0600, John Knight wrote
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> >
> > > It is BLASPHEMY to Our Lord Jesus Christ, to the Holy Bible, to the
> of
> > > Americans who REJECT the "theory of evolution", and to two billion
> > > Christians in the world, to proclaim that "we all came from the sea."
> >
> > --------------------------------------------------------
> >
> > And you are the representative for Jesus, for 91% of the U.S. population
> and
> > for the Holy Bible?
> >
> > Aren't you confusing yourself with God?
> Precicely. And it is a complete load of fabricated bullshit to say that
> of Americans reject the idea of evolution, because that would mean that
> of Americans are deluded morons who can't follow a chain of evidence and
> in abject denial of reality. Kansas schoolboard shenanigans aside EVERY
> that evolution vs. creationism comes up at schoolboard meetings the debate
> is whether or not to include creationism in science class as an
> theory to ponder, rather than the religious call to abolish evolution in
> science class altogether. Oh, some nut every once in awhile will mention
> such nonsense, but is not taken seriously, as is the fate of the silly and
> the stupid. Most Americans know that evolution exists, and any biologist
> tell you that the oldest organisms on the planet are in the oceans, so you
> do the math.
> Byte Me.

Let's test your deductive reasoning skills, garryowen.

Here's the original poll and the results:

Human beings have developed over millions of years from less advanced forms
of life, but God guided this process.  40%
Human beings have developed over millions of years from lessadvanced forms
of life. God had no part in this process.  9%
God created human beings pretty much in their present form at one time
within the last 10,000 years or so.  47%
No opinion  4%

Based on these KNOWN results, what do you think would have been the
responses to this much SIMPLER survey question:

How was human life created?

A)  God.

B)  Evolution.

C)  Dunno.

John Knight

ps--of course you will NEVER answer this question, because it will FORCE you
to realize the error of your ways, so what you WILL do is jump up and down
and whiiiiine and scream about "racism", "sexism", "anti-Semitism",
etc.--which is all the proof that we will need to fully understand your

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