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Alex McDonald alex_mcd at btopenworld.com
Sun Dec 8 17:26:58 EST 2002

"Erik Max Francis" <max at alcyone.com> wrote in message
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> jmdrake wrote:
> > While I've yet to be able to do anything useful with Mindforth I would
> > strongly disagree with your assertion that it is "depressing" that
> > someone would get "sucked into" it.  First of all Authur isn't
> > charging
> > anyone anything for this.  Even the e-book is freely available.  So
> > the most that anyone would be out of for pursuing this would be time.
> It is when he's a full-blown, well-known crank, and what he is producing
> does nothing useful and never has.  No one in any industry is impressed
> or finds any value in what he's doing, yet fellow amateurs seem to be
> impressed with his "AI" that doesn't do anything.
> What's depressing is that people can't recognize the obviously deranged
> ramblings of a crank when they see it.
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Loved the site, esp. some of the "illucid" entries. What is it about HUGE
LETTERS and <I>italics</I> and virulent green colours that seem to dominate
a lot of these sites? Perhaps you could start a subsection for the most
outrageous & awful website designs, crank or otherwise... ATM's site is a
model of decorum by comparison. I'd like to start your new section with my
own submission, http://www.mewspage.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/. Enjoy.

Alex McDonald

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