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jmdrake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 9 10:42:08 EST 2002

Erik Max Francis <max at alcyone.com> wrote in message news:<3DF12D75.3630905C at alcyone.com>...
> jmdrake wrote:
> > While I've yet to be able to do anything useful with Mindforth I would
> > strongly disagree with your assertion that it is "depressing" that
> > someone would get "sucked into" it.  First of all Authur isn't
> > charging
> > anyone anything for this.  Even the e-book is freely available.  So
> > the most that anyone would be out of for pursuing this would be time.
> It is when he's a full-blown, well-known crank, and what he is producing
> does nothing useful and never has.  No one in any industry is impressed
> or finds any value in what he's doing, yet fellow amateurs seem to be
> impressed with his "AI" that doesn't do anything.

Many people in the so called "industry" aren't very impressed with each
other either.  I've been to enough AI seminars to see Dr. X rip Dr. Y's
theories completely to shreds.  So far no one has released a true model
of how the mind actually works and the various "camps" in the AI 
community praise small steps made by those in their camp and trash
small steps made by those in the other camp.  The funny thing is, if
ATM was in an accademic setting, if he toned down his hyperbole, and
if he concentrated on getting better small scale results (instead of
grand predictions of what happened if it worked) he might actually
get published.  And I'm not a "fellow amateur".  I'm someone who's
actually done research in the field.
> What's depressing is that people can't recognize the obviously deranged
> ramblings of a crank when they see it.

One man's crank is another another man's genius.  ;-)  By the way,
I visited your "crank" sight.  While it was interesting and mildly
amusing what I found "depressing" was the view that believing in
creation automatically made someone a "crank".  I'm happy to leave
the evolutionists to their theory and in fact believe in "micro"
evolution.  But there are holes in the theory.  For the life of
me I don't know why both sides can't just agree to disagree.

One more "crank" thing to consider.  Have you been to this site?


While on the surface it may seem "cranky" the fact is that their
flyer actually works.  Now if it works by true "antigravity" or
by some other force is a big question.  But the plans are pretty
simple and the results have been reproduced many times over.
However someone might mislabel them "cranks" just because they
have the word "antigravity" in their URL.


John M. Drake

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