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BLASPHEMY: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Peter J Ross heresiarch at meow.org
Fri Dec 13 02:15:26 EST 2002

On Wed, 11 Dec 2002 19:54:54 GMT, a jury from soc.men found John
Knight guilty of posting this:

>"Peter J Ross" <heresiarch at meow.org> wrote in message
>news:2b2dvucbg4ksqea1b5r1uk4ekm55g1glli at 4ax.com...
>> On Tue, 10 Dec 2002 19:35:32 GMT, a jury from soc.men found John
>> Knight guilty of posting this:
>> >Second, there' no such thing as an "evolutionary theory".  A "theory"
>> >requires some shred of evidence which "evolutionists" have NEVER been
>> >to produce.
>> >
>> >If homo sapiens "evolved" from ANY lifeform whatsoever, other than an
>> >original homo sapiens, then whatever it "evolved" from would have had to
>> >have been a DIFFERENT species, right?  As soon as you utter the word
>> >"evolve", you mandate that speciation was involved.
>> >
>> >If there was NO speciation whatsoever, ever, then NOTHING could ever have
>> >"evolved".
>> >
>> >"Evolutionists" are MORONS who constitutes only 9% of the population who
>> >"believe" that homo sapiens "evolved" from some lower life form
>> Ooh look! A Fundie! I wish I'd looked at this thread sooner.
>> I've got a little question for you, Fundie. Now that you've disproved
>> the Theory of Evolution by clever use of your magical Acme
>> Non-Sequitur Machine, could you advise me which of the two
>> contradictory Creation stories in Genesis 1-2 I ought to believe? I
>> mean, since they don't agree with each other about any of the details,
>> one of them must be just as false as that boring old evolution myth,
>> mustn't it?
>> --
>> PJR :-)
>Ooh lookie!  A "liberal".  Just what the world needs--another "liberal".

Of course, everybody who accepts that scientific research is more
useful than primitive mythology is a liberal! I'm probably a lesbian

>There's nothing contradictory in Genesis--

Once you admit that you can't read, I'm sure people will be

>unless you're a moron like lojbab
>who thinks that it's a sign of "intelligence" to "think" like a "liberal".

One can think like a liberal, one can think like a conservative, or
one can follow the path of John Knight and not think at all.

>If you do a little simple math, you'll see that in order for speciation to
>have occurred, there would have had to have been FAR MORE [like millions of
>times more] fossils of the "intermediate species" than of the original
>species themselves.  

It probably isn't worth mentioning to you that the conditions
necessary for fossilisation are very rare, is it?

>If speciation is as slow and gradual a process as the
>9% of Americans

How dare you insult Americans by calling 91% of them morons! You
unpatriotic scoundrel!

>who proclaim their STUPIDITY by promoting "evolution" claim
>it is, then there would have had to have been BILLIONS of times more fossils
>of these "intermediate species" than of the original species.

Let's add complete ignorance of the manner in which genes mutate to
your other intellectual deficiencies, shall we?

>But you don't have even ONE bone from ONE of these "intermediate species",
>do you?

Every single fossilised bone is from an "intermediate species", O
clueless one.

>All you have are monkey bones that LOOK similar to each other, stacked in an
>orderly pile next to each other, coupled with the CHILDISH notion that
>because they look similar, they must have had a "common ancestor".
>This is even more CHILDISH than saying that because an axle from a train
>found in Italy a million years looks similar to an axle from a Ferrarri
>found in Chicago, they must have had a "common ancestor", or they must have
>"evolved" from each other.  But even you can consider that they were
>DESIGNED that way, and didn't "evolve" and didn't need a "common ancestor"
>to exist, right?

It's logically possible. Tell me, how did the designer evolve?

>You have not ONE fossil of even ONE species which can be linked to each
>other to prove that ANY kind of "speciation" or even "adaptation" ever
>occurred.  You have sheer SPECULATION, and nothing else, that an ancient
>fossil that is DIFFERENT but looks SIMILAR to a modern species was a "common
>ancestor" to ANYTHING on the planet today.

It would be extremely surprising if a fossil were discovered to be a
direct ancestor of an organism that's currently alive. 

>You also have SCIENTIFIC DNA *proof* that the "scientists" who once
>proclaimed that Neanderthal and homo sapiens were "genetically linked" were
>DEAD WRONG [read: they were NOT "scientists"].

Niels Bohr was not a scientist! One of his theories was wrong!

Johannes Kepler was not a scientist! Several of his early theories
about the motions of the planets were wrong!

etc. etc.

Clearly, John Knight is the only true scientist who ever lived.

>Neanderthal was their last great white hope--and it's as DEAD as their
>credibility http://christianparty.net/cromagnon.htm

"christinaparty.net"? <snigger>

Nice trolling, er, I mean *talking* to you, cretin.

PJR :-)
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