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Creationism and other doctrines. Was Mindforth

geakazoid azedia at dolfina.org
Thu Dec 19 21:25:55 EST 2002

Jerry Avins <jya at ieee.org> wrote in message news:<3E020B78.D155ECD9 at ieee.org>...
> Jonathan Kirwan wrote:
> > 
>  ...
> > 
> > Faith connotes Truth of the capital-T variety which affects
> > one's state of mind or outlook on the world.  And it seems (as
> > you mention, too), faith isn't falsifiable, even in principle.
> > So there is no need to examine evidence or look for support, or
> > disconfirmation, since it is True no matter what.  Evidencial
> > reasoning doesn't matter to faith.
> > 
> > Jon
> Whatever it may connote, faith is a sufficiently strong belief on an
> assertion's or view's correctness to warrant using it as a basis for
> judgment and action. I believe that the systematic examination of
> observable things, formulation of hypotheses about them, making
> predictions based upon those hypotheses, verifying or disproving those
> hypotheses and thereby gaining firm grounds for modifying them -- in
> short, the process of science -- will lead to an understanding of
> reality. But it's only a belief: acting on it is an act of faith.
> Jerry

Jerry, not only would I agree, but I would add:

Science is part of an Old Faith from Old Religions throughout the
ages. The first proof is that Science takes its Logic from Greek
Logic, Geometry, Arabic Arithmatic and Alchemy which both owed to
older Religions in Egypt and Babylonia. Then, Science proclaimed
itself new out of the Aehter as if it arrived without Relgion and
Argued that everyone was to Believe in the new Religion of

I will call to evidence the Birth Control Pill. A Scientist travels to
Mexico and notices that the women go off and leave a few days a month.
Finally, after asking them again and again, they divulge their secret:
they are going to dig up these Wild Yams so that they will not be
fertile and get pregnant. So, the Scientist pays a sum of money to
them for samples, does his lab work, and "Invents the Birth Control

Ok, how did the women know that the Wild Yams worked? At some point,
did they discover that they were not getting pregnant and experiment
in using them to control their fertility?

Science is not new. Medicine Men and Woman - the Witch Doctors have
always done it. Yet prior to the Inquisitions, it was illegal to
experiment with strange ideas and concepts much less reproduce nature
in your kitchen. So, Science invented a new word "Scientist".


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