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BLASPHEMY: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

John Knight jwknight at polbox.com
Thu Dec 19 21:43:15 EST 2002

"Bob LeChevalier" <lojbab at lojban.org> wrote in message
news:bmi40vg60bmhg6831s0e9hvhpfk3fcc0ds at 4ax.com...
> JDay123 at BellSouth.net (Jd) wrote:
> >Bob LeChevalier wrote:
> >
> >>Do you understand the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears?  Do you
> >>have to believe in anthropomorphic talking bears to understand that
> >>story?  Have you heard any of Aesop's Fables (The Grasshopper and the
> >>Ant, for example)?  Do you have to believe in the Greek Gods or in
> >>talking ants and grasshoppers in order to understand them?
> >>
> >>>There is only one God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as the
> >>>KJV portrays.  This is an identity phrase to the people of God....
> >>
> >>So?  A non-believer can recognize that identity, even while not
> >>adopting it as his own.
> >
> >You may be able to adopt Greek, Egyptian, African and/or Roman gods,
> >but you can't adopt the God of Israel.
> Even if it is true, why is it relevant.  We are talking about whether
> atheists can understand words written in a book, not whether they can
> adopt god(s), which they presumably have no interest in doing.
> lojbab

The point is that the Holy Bible gives a detailed account that the God of
Abraham is only for the "children [read: descendants] of Abraham".  The jews
pretend that they believe that a person can "convert" to "a child [read:
descendant] of Abraham", but as Jesus Christ warned them, no matter how much
they try, they're still jews, and not "children of Abraham".

Besides, even IF a jew were ever to convert to Christianity, his own Talmud
claims that he's subject to the death penalty unless he did so to deceive
Christians.  iow, this "conversion" is meaningless to both jews and

The last Israelite known to have converted to "judaism" [or Phariseeism at
his time] was Paul, who did so in order to "gain the jews".  But look what
the jews did to him in return!  He writes no less than 30 times "the jews
tried to kill me", and it's likely that they finally succeeded when he was
in prison in Rome.

If an Israelite who's a direct descendant of Abraham claims to be an
"atheist", this still doesn't change his genealogy.  He's still an
Israelite, a child of Abraham, a Hebrew, and a Semite.  Conversely, a
non-Israelite like a jew (other than the less than 2% of jews who are
Sephardic) can NEVER change his genealogy and claim that he's a descendant
of Abraham, nor of Jacob, nor of Eber, nor of Shem.

As the Spaniards found out in 1492 when they exiled all the jews, not only
would a jew's "conversion to Christianity" be impossible, but the jews are
too STUPID to comprehend the first thing about the Holy Bible.

Of course there are Israelites who also have a hard time grasping the
concepts, but usually they finally come through, no matter how late in life
it happens.

Muslims are a different story.  They ARE descendants of Abraham, through
Ishmael, which makes them cousins to Israelites.  What Muslims practice
today is very similar what Christians USED to practice around the world, and
to what's in the Holy Bible.  It's ironic that the jewish control of this
country resulted in tremendous social and economic problems which the
Muslims just aren't experiencing (high murder, incarceration, divorce, and
illegitmacy rates, and low personal savings, incomes, education quality, and
R&D).  The two richest nations of the world are now Muslim nations, whereas
the most bankrupt nation, both finanically and morally, is "Israel".

John Knight

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