Creationism and other doctrines. Was Mindforth

William Tanksley Google wtanksleyjr at
Fri Dec 20 19:25:34 EST 2002

Dennis Clark <dlc at> wrote:
>I can do this in front of a room full of people, and it'll
>still work.
>Now, do the same with Uri Geller, tell him to "psychic" up 
>something in that same room.  Did it work?  Nope. 

Wrong. He's done it often enough. He's fooled labs full of scientists.
So have the magicians who've done such a good job of discrediting him.

Uri's a fraud, not a fake. A deciever, not a coincidence. Fail to keep
the two distinct and you set yourself up for deception. Too many
followers of scientism (and other belief systems, of cource) have
failed to make this distinction.

Watch out.



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