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BLASPHEMY: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Jd JDay123 at BellSouth.net
Tue Dec 24 17:15:58 EST 2002

John Knight wrote: 

>"Jd" <JDay123 at BellSouth.net> wrote in message
>news:3e0633bd.8343760 at newsgroups.bellsouth.net...
>> Bob LeChevalier wrote:
>> >JDay123 at BellSouth.net (Jd) wrote:
>> >>Our divergence is over doctrine and who is able to understand it,
>> >>basically. You are saying atheists and non-believers can understand
>> >>it perfectly well and I'm saying they don't, for if they did they
>> >>would be either 1) ignorant for not coverting to Christianity or 2)
>> >>not empowered to confess in public that Jesus is Lord.
>> >>
>> >>The latter I  have no power over but the former... well that's
>> >>another issue.
>> >
>> >1) is incorrect, in that "ignorant" is not the correct word.
>> >"Independent" or "unwilling" or even "stubborn" might apply.
>> >2) is possibly true but they don't give a damn.
>> >
>> >lojbab
>> 1) "ignorant" says in one word what your three words say.
>> 2) "they" which I've found will argue with me till the cows come
>> home, give some kinduva damn else they wouldn't be arguing.  Even
>> though they may vehemently disagree, their's still hope in that they
>> do indeed have an interest of some sort.
>> Jd
>If "they" are jews, niggers, feminazis, sodomites, or any other muds or
>"liberals" (who thankfully are less than 14% of the US population, with 90%
>of this part being niggers), then the odds that "they" will ever come around
>are zero, regardless of how interested they are.

Very good point.  Reprobates are just that. Reprobates.

>After more than four centuries in Africa, and hundreds of billions of
>dollars in expenditures, the British, French, and Dutch have finally
>realized that Africa's 800 million niggers are a lost cause, so they've
>given up, packed up, and moved out.

Recently they passed a law that says no one can leave Africa with
his money.  At least in the part of south Africa I'm familiar with.
They're beginning to realize that if white man leaves, desimation
and poverty will soon return.

>At the rate at which Africans have already destroyed all that was built for
>them over this four centuries, it won't take more than another 2 decades to
>finally, completely obliterate every trace of it.

Not only that, but Africans with AIDS think that having sex with
white virgins will cure them of AIDS so they are raping white
children gang style over there.

>If it weren't for Whites in this country, and the willingness of White men
>to work 42 days each year JUST to earn the money that pays JUST the taxes
>which fund JUST the welfare which is paid JUST  to niggers, then American
>niggers would be earning even less than the $600 per year that their 800
>million cousins in Africa earn.
>People that dumb have no chance of ever comprehending Christianity.
>John Knight

Folks around here have found (since the last census) that blacks and
whites have been naturally segregating themselves on their own over
the last few years.  Strange isn't it?


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