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Creationism and other doctrines. Was Mindforth

Albert van der Horst albert at spenarnc.xs4all.nl
Tue Dec 24 02:28:55 EST 2002

In article <3e069db9$0$187$75868355 at news.frii.net>,
Dennis Clark  <dlc at io.frii.com> wrote:
>In comp.robotics.misc William Tanksley Google <wtanksleyjr at cox.net> wrote:
>: Dennis Clark <dlc at io.frii.com> wrote:
>:>I can do this in front of a room full of people, and it'll
>:>still work.
>:>Now, do the same with Uri Geller, tell him to "psychic" up
>:>something in that same room.  Did it work?  Nope.
>: Wrong. He's done it often enough. He's fooled labs full of scientists.
>: So have the magicians who've done such a good job of discrediting him.
>  Hmm, according to my sources he's never made his tricks work in a controlled
>experiment for scientists.  Only on talk shows and similar ilk.  I love
>reading books by skeptics, it clears the mind of accumulated nonsense. ;-)

>: Uri's a fraud, not a fake. A deciever, not a coincidence. Fail to keep
>: the two distinct and you set yourself up for deception. Too many
>: followers of scientism (and other belief systems, of cource) have
>: failed to make this distinction.

I know that practically first hand. At one time we were a group of
students working together with Ten Haef, a well known dutch
researcher in the field, to set up a telepathy experiment. (We never
came at the point the experiment was done, actually.)
I asked him about Geller. Ten Haef told me that he had proposed to
Geller to do a controlled experiment. He was not just a scientist, but
one who knew about magicians tricks as well. Geller refused. His
conclusion: "Die vent is een bedrieger." Translated: "That guy is a
He felt confident to draw that conclusion apparently, based on
his wider experience and the one personal contact.

Ten Haef worked with Croiset, some one who performed in theaters
and used magicians tricks there, but also showed some
interesting results in controlled experiments, but not always.
(The theater tricks always worked...)
Ten Haef claimed that every one who would guarantee results
the way Geller did (and does) must be a fraud.

>: Watch out.
>:> DLC
>: -Billy
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