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one more silly "scientiest"?

Kenneth 'pawl' Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon Dec 30 04:22:29 EST 2002

This sort of stuff has been in AoK all along - in the glia-neuron
interaction dynamics. I've discussed it beyond what's in AoK in
former posts. The brain physically reconfigures it's
interconnectedness in response to the ionic flows inherent in TD
E/I-minimization 'pressures'. It's why, for instance, one can
'remember' something, at a later 'time', that one couldn't recall
earlier - in between, the brain is doing the work necessary to
reconfigure itself. [I have to 'smile' as I write this because my
brain is now deeply reconfigured with respect to Physics - so I've
not been participating in Neuroscience discussion, and 'could not'
do so, robustly, without, first going through the reverse
reconfiguration. Within the neural topology, it's =literally= like
the scenes from the science fiction flicks in which this or that
creature 'morphs' - 'bulges' all over the place :-]

Neural appendages extend and withdraw in accord with TD
E/I-minimization within such brain reconfiguration, which occurs
across 'time' scales from sub-second to whole-life-'times'.
[There's no such thing as 'time'. All these dynamics just follow
the 3-D energy distribution within the neural architecture - it's
all 'just' energy gradients - no 'time'. What's been referred to
as 'time' is only a convention that's appended at the 'level' of
the verbal interface.

k. p. collins

Larry <1o1 at o2.ie> wrote in message ...

Hi All!

I found this "article" somewhere in the news. And above all there
something in there which doesn't sound right at all:
"We now have microscopes that can see individual connections
neurons. They show that the brain can retract connections and make
new ones
in minutes. ... "
What do you think about? How can this "in minutes" be possible ?!


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