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Cerebral Downloading??

Kenneth 'pawl' Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon Dec 30 04:40:28 EST 2002

This's naive.

Our nervous systems are as capable as they are be-cause they
'read' the energydynamics inherent within our experiential
environments, and respond by undergoing trophic [growth] dynamics
that, more or less, incorporate  a copy of those energydynamics.
There's no way around the need for this energydynamics coupling,
so, even if some artificial means could be established through
which the necessary energydynamics coupling could be achieved,
it's use up your clone's useful 'life' imbuing it with the
experiencing of the necessary energydynamics.

The process cannot be accelerated because it must be coupled to
the energydynamics inherent in the neural tissue.

The best that can be achieved with respect to what you propose is
for individuals to take learning seriously from an early age -
good schools, lots of reading, etc., and via intergenerational
handing-down of most-useful knowledge.

Sorry, there's just no way around the necessity of the
physically-real work inherent in acquiring 'knowledge', etc.

k. p. collins

mrdoubter at webtv.net wrote in message
<19994-3E0E4C00-323 at storefull-2332.public.lawson.webtv.net>...
I belive this is possible as I belive just about any damn thing is
possible but let me ask anyone actually in the neuroscience field
they think.
If a clone was accomplished and then kept in suspended animation
for say
15 years, is it theoretically possible that the cerebral contents
of an
80 year old person (one's entire life and memories) could be
successfully downloaded by some means into that new and fresh
brain? This is the vision of the Raelians and myself (I am not a
Raelian). Never mind that it can't be done this minute (and please
assume that all procedural failings would have been 'fixed') but I
speaking of the near future, perhaps within 20 years. If not, why

mr D

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