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Creationism and other doctrines. Was Mindforth

Richard Steven Walz rstevew at deeptht.armory.com
Tue Dec 31 00:08:50 EST 2002

In article <6dd87c5d.0212291540.2fb75ce at posting.google.com>,
geakazoid <azedia at dolfina.org> wrote:
>rstevew at deeptht.armory.com (Richard Steven Walz) wrote in message
>news:<3e0cd0fd$0$79558$8eec23a at newsreader.tycho.net>...
>> In article <3E020B78.D155ECD9 at ieee.org>, Jerry Avins  <jya at ieee.org> wrote:
>> > 
>> >Whatever it may connote, faith is a sufficiently strong belief on an
>> >assertion's or view's correctness to warrant using it as a basis for
>> >judgment and action.
>> -------------------------
>> That's a circularity, belief warrants nothing.
>> > I believe that the systematic examination of
>> >observable things, formulation of hypotheses about them, making
>> >predictions based upon those hypotheses, verifying or disproving those
>> >hypotheses and thereby gaining firm grounds for modifying them -- in
>> >short, the process of science -- will lead to an understanding of
>> >reality. But it's only a belief: acting on it is an act of faith.
>> >Jerry
>> --------------------------
>> No, you undertake to determine the truth without a vested interest in
>> proving this or that, and that is Science. Faith is the antagonist of
>> all Science and Truth because it has a bias toward believing what it
>> prefers, instead of what is the Truth, no matter how well you show
>> that it is. Trying to prove what you already believe is NOT Science.
>> And it is NOT Truth! Faith is vested dishonesty to the self and all
>> others, nothing more.
>> -Steve
>Okay, you are on track about "you undertake to determine the truth
>without vested interest in proving this or that" but you are off track
>in Thinking that Belief and Faith are the Same Meaning:

They aren't the same, but they are equally nonsense.

>One can be an Atheist and have Faith unless s/he has Belief in
>Nothing. Then s/he has Belief.
I'm not an atheist. Anybody who is honest doesn't know, Scientists
are agnostics. ALL of them. That's NOT Faith, that's a definition.
It's NOT belief, it's a fact.

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