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Creationism and other doctrines. Was Mindforth

Richard Steven Walz rstevew at deeptht.armory.com
Tue Dec 31 00:14:34 EST 2002

In article <gQGdnXENddJnFJKjXTWcoA at speakeasy.net>,
John Doty <jpd at w-d.org> wrote:
>In article <9576bbf1.0212291528.478123c2 at posting.google.com>,
>wtanksleyjr at cox.net  wrote:
>> Bernd Paysan <bernd.paysan at gmx.de> wrote:
>>>William Tanksley Google wrote:
>>>>Many committers of fraud use beliefs in scientism to do their work
>> --
>>>>consider the Laundry Beads or Magnetic Cures. Because a scientist
>> said
>>>>it, it must be true
>>>This works very good in a society where people put a divide between
>> them and
>>>scientists*, and use scientific "results" just the same way as they
>> use
>>>their traditional sources of superstition. Then, Lem's rule ("any 
>>>sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguisable from magic")
>> works the
>>>reverse way.
>> It's called the "division of labor", and despite the dangers you
>> describe, it's a good thing.
>There are some sorts of labor that don't divide well. Literacy was once
>the domain of specialists, but it's impossible to build a complex
>technical civilization without near universal literacy. The scientific
>method is 
a key component of the critical thinking that's in such short
>supply right now: we live in a fog of information that too few understand
>how to evaluate.
>It is widely understood that "science" is an essential component of a
>modern education. Unfortunately what we teach most students isn't the
>scientific method but the dead fruits of that method preserved as dogma.
>This is why scientism finds fertile ground.
People who even USE the word "scientism" are selling shit for tootsie
rolls. It's a weasel-word, the jargon of cranks. People believing in
Science are far better off than the morons who believe that "Science 
could be wrong" and haven't the brains to grasp that their whole notion
of Science is fucked and that they are believing cretins like you who
feed them crap.
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