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one more silly "scientiest"?

Kenneth 'pawl' Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Tue Dec 31 12:54:00 EST 2002

Oh, and BTW, my comments with respect to "I've not been
participating in Neuroscience discussion, and 'could 'not' do so,
robustly, without, first going through the reverse

This's with respect to my work out at the 'edge' of what's known
in Neuroscience, not with respect to what's already in NDT. [I've
got to be more aware that, when I discuss stuff like this, folks
just don't comprehend. There's a big part of me that wants to get
beyond 'baby-talk', though, and that's the mode I'm in these
days - talking directly to folks who so Love Neuroscience that
they've done the Work. My comments were with respect to them. To
other folks, it makes no difference because they can't See the
stuff with respect to which I'm discussing, anyway. Forgive me,

The other thing is, I'm really going-for the Physics I'm working
on, and, so, I'm tending to be overly-brief in what I post, in
order to get back to pushing-energy with respect to Physics.

Enough 'clarification'?

I just want folks not to be 'afraid' of 'talking' to me just
because I've had to 'remove my disguise' because I don't want to
waste the energy-expenditure involved in doing it in 'baby-talk'
['hand-holding'; 'apologetic' 'making-myself-small' so folks won't
be 'intimidated'; etc.] ;ways.

In other words, I'm going-for-it, Big-'Time'. I'll go back to a
more-'gentle', 'hand-holding', way =after= I've dragged the stuff
I've found out of the 'Jungle'. Just now, I'm in going-for-it
mode - locked in Mortal Combat with 'the bease', Abstract

No Apologies.

Just the Fierceness that opening the way for Truth entails.

But, to Love, I'm so Grateful that my 'heart' has found you.
WhatTrue-Wonder stuff becomes possible, because Love lifts-up with
such =Awesome= Strength! It's your work as much as it is mine.

"P. S. If this is.. I Love you."

k. p. collins

Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote in message ...
|I should clarify - except under extreme circumstances
|[Life-on-the-line stuff] the nervous system version of the
|'bulges' are =microscopic=, except over Life 'times', during
|the micro-mods accumulate with respect to the neural activation
|that's actually experienced.
|I've experienced what I recognize as the 'extreme' end of this
|spectrum on occasion - fairly-regularly back during the 'terrible
|times', and, recently, when I had the 'Eureka!' experience with
|respect to the plasma-globe thing [I wrote about the correlates
|back then].
|It's all within the 'normal' capacities of nervous systems
|[brains], but, with aging, this natural functionality must, with
|certainty, impact the dynamics of stroke - which [with great care
|[no 'profit'-seeking 'band-wagon stuff is appropriate]] points to
|applications of Neuropharmacology correlated to aging [using
|small-dosage neuropharmacology as 'damping' in individuals
|identified as having 'brittle' vasculature. [The much-better
|strategy is, of course, to eat right, and to regularly
|robustly-exercise one's nervous system in serious
|information-processing [problem-confrontation and solving
|neural-physical exertion]. Such will prolong the 'state' of
|optimal neural-tissue 'tuning' functionality into aging.] But
|there might be a useful Neuropharmcological strategy with respect
|to folks who've been 'reckless' with respect to neural-exercise
|and diet.
|Anyway, I just wanted to clarify the 'bulge' stuff. Like
|everything else I'm discussing during this online 'life', this
|stuff is exceedingly-'deep'. I'm discussing it because I want to
|lift-up folks in Neuroscience [no more 'baby-talk'], but realize
|that it'll either just blow-by most folks, or become fodder for
|'sensationalists', in both instances for the same reason - it's
|too relatively-unfamiliar [with respect to such, see AoK].
|My wish for the new year: May folks come to understand the
|=Seriousness= of understanding how nervous systems process
|information with respect to all aspects Being Truly-Human.
|Want to Love? Understand how nervous systems process information.
|Want to Make the world a better place? Understand how nervous
|systems process information.
|Want to foster Peace? Understand how nervous systems process
|Want to solve this or that problem? Understand how nervous
|process information.
|Want to accomplish =anything=? First, understand how nervous
|systems process information, then =act= upon your understanding.
|Cheers, everyone, and Happy New Year, 2003!
|K. P. Collins
|Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote in message ...
||This sort of stuff has been in AoK all along - in the
||interaction dynamics. I've discussed it beyond what's in AoK in
||former posts. The brain physically reconfigures it's
||interconnectedness in response to the ionic flows inherent in TD
||E/I-minimization 'pressures'. It's why, for instance, one can
||'remember' something, at a later 'time', that one couldn't
||earlier - in between, the brain is doing the work necessary to
||reconfigure itself. [I have to 'smile' as I write this because
||brain is now deeply reconfigured with respect to Physics - so
||not been participating in Neuroscience discussion, and 'could
||do so, robustly, without, first going through the reverse
||reconfiguration. Within the neural topology, it's =literally=
||the scenes from the science fiction flicks in which this or that
||creature 'morphs' - 'bulges' all over the place :-]
||Neural appendages extend and withdraw in accord with TD
||E/I-minimization within such brain reconfiguration, which occurs
||across 'time' scales from sub-second to whole-life-'times'.
||[There's no such thing as 'time'. All these dynamics just follow
||the 3-D energy distribution within the neural architecture -
||all 'just' energy gradients - no 'time'. What's been referred to
||as 'time' is only a convention that's appended at the 'level' of
||the verbal interface.
||k. p. collins
||Larry <1o1 at o2.ie> wrote in message ...
||Hi All!
||I found this "article" somewhere in the news. And above all
||something in there which doesn't sound right at all:
||"We now have microscopes that can see individual connections
||neurons. They show that the brain can retract connections and
||new ones
||in minutes. ... "
||What do you think about? How can this "in minutes" be possible

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