Neurally Mediated Hypotension???

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Fri Feb 1 02:08:45 EST 2002

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> Hello  -
> I am embarking on a quest to research this topic. I hope to find out what
> the medical establishment thinks of it, and in particular the neurologists
> gut reaction to the proposition(s). Maybe the "syndrome"(? not medically
> versed here) has been proven already, but from what I've read so far(a
> Hopkins reports from 5 years ago), it is seems to be more of a hypothesis
> still.
> So, any feed back would be appreciated. Sources of information. Thoughts
> the subject. References to research groups or individuals.
> Best regards
> Richard
> Certainly the nucleus tractus solitaris which send inhibitory stimuli to
the vasomotor center in the medula oblongala, can be responsible for
decreasing blood pressure.   There are other neural mechanisms, including
effects on ADH, in the pituitary hypothalmic axis which may effect blood
pressure.  Furthermore neural reflexes which can induce shock, or cause
either vasoconstriction or vasodilitation can effect blood pressure.  Head
injuries may have a profound impact on blood pressure. The mechanism of
which have been well elucidated.

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