I need help with lights?

Dow thompsonstudios at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 3 11:25:24 EST 2002

I need help with lights?

I'm looking for anything that will help me images on a dark multi-colored
paper. I have a high contrast black and white image (overhead cell) That is
projected from my overhead projector onto my colored papers. The biggest
problem I have here is that I can't see the image that is projected on the
paper. I have seen some abserve fingerprints  with colored lights and a
special googles. 
 Is it possible to use a color filters over the lens of my overhead
projector and then use a colored filtered goggles to see the light on my
paper. I only care to see the image projected from my overhead projector on
the dark paper. 
  Any ides on how I can do this would really be appriciated. Please reply me
thompsonstudios at earthlink.net



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