creating AI by mimicking the brain

codeZ deevv at
Mon Feb 4 07:41:35 EST 2002

> > I think AI can be created, based on the internet's infrastructure.
> > All you need is 30 billion computers connected s.t. each computer
> > to 10 000 others, a total of 1,000,000 billion connections.
> do you have a route map for all these connections? the connections are
> highly specific, not just to 10,000 random others.
> > computer by a neuron and you have a human brain). Add to this some
> > software program to manage the input/output and you have a recipe for
> > Scan the brain, note all the interneuron connections, then connect the
> > computers over the net in the same way. Program each computer to operate
> > just like a neuron.
> Easily said, not so easy to do as much of neuronal function is still
> very unclear.  Even if it were, accurately modelling it would be an
> huge undertaking. Neurons are not simple logic gates.

How much modelling was required to sequence DNA? It was done in 2 years.
Then brain is not mush more complex. The connections are larger than DNA
nodes, hence easier to map. In practice all you hace to do is X-ray it slice
by slice, then construct its computer model and record all connections. Easy
as 1 2 3. then run a simple program on all 30 billion computers and have
them self connect in the same way.

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