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Wed Feb 6 05:18:13 EST 2002

Richard Norman <rnorman at umich.edu> wrote:
> It simply is
> not a useful way of spending time to consider a few dozen more
> hypotheses that are well beyond our ability to even begin to 
> examine the mechanism.

I like that "it is simply not a useful way of spending time". I do not
claim to have discovered anything significant in my lifetime of pursuing
science, although I have been able to follow a lot of development in
neuroscience, and my group is not doing very badly at present, but I am
very happy that I have not spent all of my time in futile lines of
research, but rather been hampered by lack of ambition, education, and funds.
Time turns out to be precious when there is none left, and misspent time
because one did not understand how to choose the line of action is
something to be bitter about.
  And as Richard Norman pointed out, the EEG (as normally defined) is
not the place to start looking for single unit activity, any more than
the ocean is the place to look for one stone thrown into the water by a
boy in New Orleans.

Dag Stenberg

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