creating AI by mimicking the brain

cornelius abel cornelius at
Wed Feb 13 10:00:32 EST 2002

"codeZ" <deevv at>
i think you should go to university and study a few years biologie.

you cant make x-ray slices of the brain which gives you the exact
connectiontype of every neuron. its a lot of work to determinate the type of
the synaptical connection (wether they stimulate the neuron or inhibit.) The
connection could also be a modulating type.  But not only synapse also the
composition of the rest of the neuron is important every protein in this
neuron has its job and you cant scan that easy all proteins their positions
of a neuron...
The only way to get that information is expencive and long taking research
in a biological lab.

bye, Cornelius

By the way, neuronal transmitting is very fast. whats with the internet ???

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