Ten Percent Myth

Kevin Cornwell kcornwell at home.com
Mon Feb 18 15:50:51 EST 2002

> I don't think breathing faster or slower is a deep unconscious
> process.  Further, if I perform the valsalva manoeuver (forcing
> exhalation but closing your throat so you don't actually expire) I can
> modulate heart rate and blood pressure.  Though I believe you are
> referring to a more esoteric notion of *thinking* about lowering blood
> pressure and it happening

decide to increase the growth rate of your left hand fingernails, or
change your genetic makeup such that your next born child has one blue
eye and one green.  is that deep enough?

> I would take some time to read more about neuroscience and even some
> philosophy of mind. The ideas of conscious and unconscious which you
> talk about seem to have an implicit notion of dualism, which may be
> your belief, but they cloud the issue of what the physcial brain
> itself can do.

I agree that you think all that.  I am really curious, what CAN the
physical brain do by itself?  And what does it mean to have a brain by
"itself"?  Can it wiggle around or something?


BTW, what does it mean to have a clouded issue?  Is that a figure of
speech?  Do your internal images of things you know little of or
confused about, a little cloudy for some reason?  Does a clear image
mean that you understand?  Are your clear images static or do they
move?  what happens if your picutes are out of focus or distant?  What
is the resolution to them?  Does size matter?  How do you know what
you know is accurate?  How do you know what is accurate is actually
useful?  What are your beliefs about this?  Is your "inside model" the
same as the outside?  What changes when you learn something new?  What
is the difference between something you believe and something you
don't?  And what happens when one becomes the other?

I read somewhere that people who understand things very well include
all logic into thier model.  Perhaps organized in such a way that
EVERY-thing seems to makes sense to him/her.  Cool concept!

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