membrane lenght constant of rat hippocampal pyramidal cells?

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> > Hi NG,
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> > My textbooks give a rough estimate like "0.1 to 5 mm in different sort of
> > cells."
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> > Could anyone tell me more precisley?
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> > Thanks Edmund

For quantitative estimates of electrotonic parameters of hippocampal
and cortical  neurons suitable for use in compartmental modeling, I
strongly suggest doing a literature search for:

"Nelson Spruston"
"Daniel Johnston"
"Guy Major"
"Roger Traub"

Here's two to get you started:
Major G., Larkman A.U., Jonas P., Sakmann B. & Jack J.J.B. (1994).
Detailed passive cable models of whole-cell recorded CA3 pyramidal
neurons in rat hippocampal slices. J. Neurosci. 14:4613-4638.

Traub RD, Jefferys JG, Miles R, Whittington MA, Toth K.	
A branching dendritic model of a rodent CA3 pyramidal neurone.
J Physiol. 1994 Nov 15;481 ( Pt 1):79-95.

As Richard points out, this whole area of finding "correct" values is
complicated, controversial, and simply does not come in a
one-size-fits-all style.



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