Reincarnation versus "Genetic Memory"

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Fri Feb 22 15:12:51 EST 2002

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> > Does anyone know about the issue of reincarnation versus genetic memory?
> > It seems possible that there could be a connection....
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> I don't know about the alt.paranormal news groups, but as
> far as the neuroscience group you cross-posted to is concerned,
> all this is old hat.  Since our memories are coded in our DNA
> which is passed on to our offspring, there is not even a question.


Are you trolling or serious about this "memory is coded in our DNA"

Certainly, our -capacity- for memory is coded in DNA to some degree,
since that's the blueprint for the machinery that will ultimately hold
the memories. But  are you saying that you think -individual- memories
are coded in DNA?

I think that whole flatworm/cannibalism/memory thing is all bogus.
It simply hasn't held up in the face of continued investigation, and
now mainly just gets cited by new-age dieticians who want you to buy
their cosmic brain-enhancing wheatgerm pills or whatever.

Here's some info about how and why McConnel' s original flatworm
claims have been discredited:

Hartry, AL et al. 1964. Planaria: memory transfer through cannibalism
re-examined.  Science 146: 274-275.



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