sleep deprivation: neurotransmitters levels

Gino Latino ginolatino at qwerty.zx
Sat Feb 23 12:54:10 EST 2002

I apologize in advance should this post be OT in this newsgroup.

Could we guess what kind of neurochemical imbalance (if any) is present  in
a person from the fact that feels a positive mood almost exclusively on
sleep deprivation?

nicotine and caffeine abuse could be an important fact:

- 45-60 cigarettes/day

- 8-15 coffe cup/day

- 10-12 hours sleeping (12-14 hours awake)

- waking up leads to depression and obsessive thinking for about 1 1/2 hour
(extreme smoking and coffe drinking in this state: up to 15 cigarettes and 5

- on sleep deprivation, cigarettes and coffe intake is *naturally* much
smaller (1-2 cigarettes/hour, 1 coffe every 2-3 hours) .

Thanks anyone.

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