Modelling the human brain by modelling its evolutionary emergence

The Immortalist Reanimater_2000 at
Sun Feb 24 02:45:06 EST 2002

> I would like to receive comments on the recent results of a multi-year
> research effort, aimed at modelling the human brain, seen as an
> handling system. Below I will sketch an outline of it.

dont know about that particular research but deGaris is building a very
large human brain right now....

Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis
Head of "UTAH-BRAIN Project"
Utah State University's Artificial Brain Project

this guy has been building an entire working brain for some time....


i like the "complexity theory" of the brain by CALVIN

the entire book is online but definatly get a copy because this is the
direction it's all gonna go.

Thinking a Thought in
the Mosaics of the Mind

but the basics, if they were only available online for free! speaking of
books online that will take over all these theories: oUt of CoNtRol by kevin
kelly is a handbook for the theory of everythings---

but Fritjof Capra in "the web of life" really has a theory of everything
(systems theory)

for a summery of the new theory of everything look instead to:

but after these scraps of free info it is calvins book about the great copy
theories and degaris brain building that seem to offer you info about these

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