how to compare between Coefficient of variation and inter-spike interval

Uttapon E. pepsine at
Sun Feb 24 11:57:16 EST 2002

I have three samples of  sheep's neuronal signal collected.
1. 5 sec from spontaneous base line
2. 5sec from visual presentation
3. 5 sec from object moving 

I want to plot CV vs mean of ISI of each cases, as I saw in many
paper, and compared it. I can plot an ISI graph vs number of spike, at
bin =10ms, 20ms.but I don't know how to plot mean of ISI vs CV graph.
I have no idea. could you please explain me step by step or link where
i can read it. also how to plot Fano vs spike count distribution. I
use a matlab program as a tool to analyze it. I think, I don't have a
problem in matlab programming. I have problems in definition and how
to plot it. I read a book "Methods in neuronal modeling", edited by
Christof Koch and Idan Segev but I still no idea.
jonesmat at (Matt Jones) wrote in message news:<b86268d4.0202210821.fdf7cac at>...
> pepsine at (Uttapon E.) wrote in message news:<ac6b99ff.0202202252.7bf63300 at>...
> > I have a 5sec of neuronal from sheep brain. I want to compare between
> > it's cofficient of variation and inter-spike interval, and fano factor
> > with spike count distribution.But i don't know how to do it. could you
> > please explain me step by step.
> Hi,
> First, it's not really clear what you want to do.  ISI, CV and Fano
> factor all have different units so how do you intend to compare them?
> And more importantly, -why- do you want to compare them? What
> information are you hoping to get by examining these things?
> Second, the very first thing you'll need to do is break up your data
> into a lot of smaller segments, because all of these statistics are
> defined as distributions over ensembles of segments or windows.
> Third, I think it's pretty unlikely that you'll have enough spikes in
> 5 seconds to make any of these statistics meaningful.
> Finally, have you tried looking in textbooks or doing a web search for
> the methods you're interested in?
> Matt

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