how to compare between Coefficient of variation and inter-spike interval

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>I have three samples of  sheep's neuronal signal collected.
>1. 5 sec from spontaneous base line
>2. 5sec from visual presentation
>3. 5 sec from object moving 
>I want to plot CV vs mean of ISI of each cases, as I saw in many
>paper, and compared it. I can plot an ISI graph vs number of spike, at
>bin =10ms, 20ms.but I don't know how to plot mean of ISI vs CV graph.
>I have no idea. could you please explain me step by step or link where
>i can read it. also how to plot Fano vs spike count distribution.

Seems like you just need a definition of CV and Fano factor?

CV = SD/mean (sample SD I think is usual)
Fano = variance / mean

SD and variance relate to your ISI for which you are already calculating a 

Is that all you need?

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