Modelling the human brain by modelling its evolutionary emergence

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Mon Feb 25 08:58:31 EST 2002

mats_trash at (mat) dnated the Usenet record on 25 Feb 2002:
> It is a little clearer now and many of the problems
> I raised are dissipated becuase in fact your project
There is another project at 
in which the ontogeny of the Robot AI Mind recapitulates
the morphogenesis of the human central nervous system:

User Bio for Mentifex
The plodding, low-skilled seed AI coder embedded as ATM
in the Robot AI Mind source code which you may copy and
Web-host, inserting your own geek DNA (initials & date)
in the comment field of lines that you tweak or modules
that you create and dnate in the immortal genome of AI.

> If you start out with 'neuronal assemblies' then
> what you are in fact doing is more akin to modelling
> the embryonic and post-natal development of the brain.
> Nothing to do with evolution.  This is not to denegrate
> the merits of the project, but to just be explicit
> about what you are doing. What your project may do
> is highlight some of the developmental mechanisms
> by which the immature brain responds to its environment.
> But again this is not evolution.  [...]
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