Modelling the human brain by modelling its evolutionary emergence

Phlip phlip_cpp at
Mon Feb 25 15:23:10 EST 2002

mat sez:

>> ATM/Mentifex:
>> There is another project at in which the
>> ontogeny of the Robot AI Mind recapitulates the morphogenesis of the
>> human central nervous system:
> At least Mr. Walle above is semi-sincere about his project.  Your
> website is just utter crap.  You think you've solved the problem of the
> way the brain functions through a few dozen word association maps!
>  Its complete rubbish.

Apologies for the x-post, but...

I suspect some people put up good ideas on a web site, and then spam that
site all over the place hoping a critical mass of followers will help supply
the parts that are obviously missing...

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