Help in deciding witch software to purchase for electrophysiologists

Matt Jones jonesmat at
Mon Feb 25 16:41:17 EST 2002

Nyquist <giddeon_nyquist at> wrote in message news:<nc0e8.8994$yl4.1449197 at>...
> Hi there, 
> I was wondering if anyone here uses the Sigma Plot Electrophysiology Module 
> ule or something else that may be helpful in analyzing electrical signals.  
> While I could use Clampfit from Axon Laboratories, I find their software is 
> only decent for acquisition, rather than analysis.  Can some help me here 
> please?  My main interest is in analyzing electrical signals via Fast 
> Fourier Transforms.  If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated.
> Nyquist

If you have access to a Macintosh that you can use for analysis, I
strongly recommend AxoGraph (also by Axon, but -infinitely- better
than all their PClamp stuff, for acquisition as well as analysis -
'course, that goes without saying since it's a Mac application instead
of Windows).

Here's a review of Axograph (you have to register by providing your
email address to view this online journal, but it doesn't cost
anything and they won't send you junk mail):

And, -no- Axon doesn't pay me anything or give me free stuff. Wish
they would, though.


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