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> > i seem to remember hearing in a neuro class a couple years back that
> > regardless of wether or not a persons head/brain size is big or small
> > it really has nothing to do with intelligence.  anyone know anything
> > about this?
Dartmouth professor came out with a book about 20 years ago - something
like "Weavers of the Enchanted Loom" suggesting the dinosaurs real
problem wasn't extinction due to a comet hit and climate change but
non-adaptability after the coment hit. Said a lot of animals made
out OK because their brain size in relation to the rest of the body
gave them mobility and adaptability. Just eating, breathing, balancing,
hunting, and walking used up 99% of dinos resources. 

The same book advances the concept that our microprocessors are
extensions of our brains and that for where we are headed, we
will need them. All part of a larger evolution.
John Seney
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