Help in deciding witch software to purchase for electrophysiologists

Richard Hall rhall at
Tue Feb 26 15:47:01 EST 2002

The good folks at Wavemetrics provide excellent technical support for 
Igor.  It is not an easy application to learn, but it is incredibly 
powerful.  I generally use MacLab Chart software with several 
extensions and occassionally I use AxoGraph which is very good too. 
I suspect I will be using Igor more in the future and it helps that 
ports between applications are fairly straight forward.


At 9:11 PM +0100 2/26/02, Christian Wilms wrote:
>Nyquist <giddeon_nyquist at> wrote:
>>  Actually I have heard only good things about the Igor software.  I was just
>>  wondering this Igor software is from Wavemetrics, right?  And do you find
>>  it user friendly?
>Well...userfriendly is a hard word for software used to analyse large
>amounts of data. It is very powerful, scalable and as far as I have used
>runs very stabely.
>If userfreindliness means doing everything using menus: no, it is not.
>If it means being able to do, what you want: yes!
>You cannot avoid scripting and programming, if you want to achieve
>things like automation, online-analysis, etc. But, learning to program
>Igor (yes, from Wavemetrics) is not all that hard and you find alot of
>support within the program.
>The largest step is taken, once you have understood the concept of waves
>as a means of storing data. An elegant, but somewhat different
>h2h, Chris



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