muscle re-innervation ? what's my chance?

jan ben at
Tue Jan 8 11:34:54 EST 2002

I have had nearly complete atrophy of infraspinatus for the past 10
yrs, most likely due to the suprascapular nerve compression at the
spinoglenoid notch.
3 weeks ago I had surgery to have the nerve released, and I am keeping
my fingers crossed that something will start happenning in 3-6 months.
Visually at least it seemed to the doc that the nerve was OK coming
out from under the ligament (not sure how much compression is needed
before it's affected, most of the diam is myelin, right? so does it
mean that the sheath is intact?).

anyway.. what's the current thinking about re-innervation after
prolonged injury such as mine?
Do you know of any studies that examine FEMS? anything else I can do
besides waiting? :)

Thanks a million!
Jan in NJ

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