Properties of hippocampal neurons of rat embryons?

Edmund Müller edmund.mueller at
Tue Jan 8 11:35:30 EST 2002


> I'm not entirely sure I understand the question. Are you asking for
> -recipes- for recording solutions for hippocampal embryonic neurons?

No, actually my problem is, that I had an intrcellular recording solution
with apparently had no Na+ in it. AFAIK the concentration of Na+
intracellular is not high but surely higher than 0 in physiological
condition. Afterwards I really wonder how the experiments worked anyway, and
how to calculate a nernst potential for Na+ without knowing the
intracellular concentration of it. I wonder if it's possible, that on the
way through the bath the pippette with the intracellular solution gathered
Na+ from the extracellular solution through the tip by diffusion that
eventually I got something like a physiological Na+ concentration in the
pippette before sealing and going to whole cell mode. Otherwise if there was
no Na+ in the pipette then, the Na+ of the cell would have diffunded away in
the pipette, wouldn't it?

> Are you interested in cultured embryonic neurons,


> Naturally, the answer to your questions would depend on the solutions
> used by whoever was doing the experiments.

Yes, see above. I'm puzzled because of this Na+ subject. I wonder if the
recipes of the solution were made in such a genious way, that the pippette
solution adjusted to a physiological intracellular concentration of ions
while being open in the bath.

> which cell type you are talking about (there are -at least- 5 or 6
> different types, and possibly as many as 30, counting all the
> different subclasses of interneurons).

I guess was something like Pyramidal 1A cells.  My question is actually what
would be the natural intracellular concentration of a living cell
physiological extracellular solution. What are the nature made recipes of
these two solutions at let's say 25° C.


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