muscle re-innervation ? what's my chance?

jan ben at
Thu Jan 10 09:24:55 EST 2002

Demetris, thanks for your reply..
Iwas wondering.. what's the mechanism of re-innervation?
Is there evidence to suggest that the damaged motor units reconnect,
or that the  undamaged ones (if any) sprout out to the muscle fibers
as re-innervation occurs?
It would make a difference to me (only have 2-3 units left), and maybe
explain why the reinnervation of the infraspinatus after the kind of
injury I have has been abt 50-50 (albeit tiny sample size).
thx again.

demetris <dss28 at> wrote in message news:<3C3B6E6A.62A627E8 at>...
> Hi
> Peripheral nerves can regenrate - slowly -  if they were crushed and not
> severed which as i understand happened to u..However i am not aware in
> cases of such longterm compression...but if the overal nerve sheath is
> intanct then thats the most imp bit, as thats what the neurons need to
> guide them to the muscle.Dont know that there is much u can do besides
> waiting..but best ask your doctor bout that.... a vit. B complx supplement
> is very good for nerve repair/regrowth so that might be an option...
> Hope it works out ok!
> Demetris
> jan wrote:

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