Motor control - post surgical removal of brain

Brian zhil at
Mon Jan 14 13:34:51 EST 2002

I probably can't help you, but they could insert cell-cultures from fetuses.
They might be able to take over the 'space' of the traumatized neurons......
This will take some time, but if they're quick and do it while your fathers brain is
still survivable, it  might in theory work.
Thats' the best solution I have in comparison with your own selections.


"Parmin" <rajabetawi at> skrev i melding
news:Qbu08.12912$je.66347 at
> Hello,
> My father recently has a stroke and undergone an operation
> to remove some of the right part of his brain.
> The Surgeon inform my family that he will be paralysed
> permanently on the left part of his body, both limb.
> I refuse to accept this verdict and am trying to look into
> anything that could make him walk again.  If anyone have
> anything on the subject, please could you post it for me.
> Anything at all.
> The subject of interest can be something like:
> - post trauma theraphy
> - success stories in recovery
> - occult
> - robotic integration in muscle control
> - mind controlled computer interaction
> or anything that is related.
> I may be in the wrong news group, however since most of
> the reader here are literaly well informed, I hope to
> be directed to the right area if I am wrong.
> What ever you could help me with, I thank you.
> Regards
> Parmin

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