Motor Control - post surgical removal of brain

parmin rajabetawi at
Wed Jan 16 22:57:24 EST 2002

The  haemorrhage causes stroke on the left part of the brain and surgeon
who did the operation told us that he have to remove that part of the brain 
or else the patient (my father) will die.  After the brain operation, he 
regain conciusness, coherrent speech, ability to think logically and full 
function of his eyes. However he became hemiplegic.

Would there be any experiment in muscle control by electronic?
I thought there is some machines made for the purpose of athele to increase 
their muscle strength, would this be possible to be adapted for this 

There is some papers available in the internet on the topic of Accupunture 
treatment.  Does anybody have any firsthand experience in this?

Also there is something called the Constrait Induced Movement by a Doctor 
Taub.  Reading this paper, it gives us a lot of hope, however the paper do 
not mention removal of brain, only patient of stroke. Could anyone clarify 
this method?

To everybody who replied, our family thank you.

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