electroencephlogram database?

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>If  I hold the leads from my oscilloscope between my fingers, and 
>look at a 20 micro second window,there are spikes at 2 micro seconds...
artifacts, not physiological related activity
>What if they are not artefacts, but information.
The fastest timing I know is within the hypothalamus, a structur deep
within the brain, that has 200Hz. You should consider the reason for
physical measures. Action potentials lasts for millisecons and have
very low amplitudes. Only the sum of them are measured by the EEG.
Furthermore, the resting period of a single neuron is much longer then
a millisecond. If one gets high frequency it is related to the timed
activity. This timing (or binding of cells assemlies) might be faster
than a single observation but not above 100Hz because to excite and
communicate to other areas a minimum activation is necessary.
>Where can I find out more about gamma?
Look around the web, google helps. Remember: 40Hz are 25 milliseconds.
>p.s. I've sent this once before, but I seem to be having trouble with
>this news group.  Sorry if it gets posted twice.
Please do not post per mail.


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