electroencephlogram database?

Rich Cooper richcooper1 at mindspring.com
Wed Jan 30 15:25:51 EST 2002

Each action potential is an impulse of about 1 ms duration, but there
is some theorizing that perhaps the molecule that crosses the synaptic
gap may have a message that depends on its specific structure.  If
so, then much higher frequencies are needed to distinguish one
molecule from another by the shape of their electrical impulse.  To
distinguish shapes, very much higher frequencies are needed.  To
my knowledge, no research has been done in this area because of
the difficulty of isolating a single neuron, feeding it meaningful inputs,
and distinguishing among output molecules crossing the gap.

Recently, I've heard of CalTech work on growing neurons on a
substrate, and monitoring their growth geometry.  The goal was
stated as doing more basic research on the way neurons function.
Maybe some enlightening results will come from that kind of work.

Has anyone heard of something related to this topic?


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