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there was a Wonderful Child at the fireworks display [among many, many,
other such ones]. i listened to him from where he was, across the sidewalk
behind me. he'd soar into a exuberant revelry with each new burst of light,
laughing, shouting, expressing his evaluation of the stimulation pouring
into his nervous system. and i found myself agreeing with his
pure-intelligence, focussed, as it was, on Seeing everything in the powerful
display's unfolding and his unselfconscious Sharing with his Family.

earlier, during the firing of some some loud-banger test rockets, he and i
agreed that it's fun to 'listen' with your belly :-)

good gosh! the True-Wonder Stuff of every Child is something to behold!

anyway, his Joy kind-of-sort-of pushed the 'fight' out of me this night, so
i'll discuss what's been referred to as "depression" still later. [the gist
of what i'll discuss has been in AoK all along. what's been referred to as
"depression" is a highly-functional "learning cul-de-sac-handling mechanism"
that was 'engineered' into nervous systems by evolutionary dynamics.

see? at the edge of familiarity, learning occurs via trial-and-error. this
often results in information that's gathred post-learning 'countermanding'
the former learning.

but the former learning already has "biological mass" underpinning it.

resolving the TD E/I(up) 'state' that's instantiated by the 'countermanding'
info, necessitates a degree of dissolution of the formerly-constructed
biological mass. this "rendering useless" constitutes an internal
circumstance that elevates TD E/I further.

evolutionary dynamics 'engineered' what's been referred to as "depression"
into nervous systems as a mechanism that 'quiets' the supersystem so that
folks'll tend not to manifest behavior that 'acts out' the elevated TD E/I

this is useful because, if the elevated TD E/I condition was 'acted out',
that behavior would tend, strongly, to elevate TD E/I within the nervous
systems of those who experienced it, probably resulting in their 'moving
away from', which'd tend to further elevate TD E/I within the first person's
nervous system, and so forth.

what's been referred to as "depression" is, therefore, an
absolutely-essential part of how learning occurs within nervous systems.

it's been rendered 'pathological' by folks who were acting upon a consensual
False Finitization.

and pharmaceutical manufacturers've gotten rich promulgating the correlated
Ignorance throughout Society.

for sure, one of the consequences of such has been the Wall
Street-and-corporate-CEO 'meltdown' that's been inflicted upon society.

throw drug-'monkey-wrenches into the spokes of cognition, and what results
is relative absence of ability to act upon errors that show their stuff
'retroactively' [only subsequent-to-erroneous-learning].

the tacit 'theme': "Pop those pills. Who cares about doing the work inherent
in financial representation [or other responsibility]?"

the same stuff is rampant within society, robbing society of all sorts of
good-and-necessary endeavor. [Young folks emulate this
societally-demonstrated stuff ["inductive learning"; AoK, Ap5] through their
use of this or that street drug. they "can't wait" to 'be like' those who
trade their Intelligence for this or that supposed chemical-short-cut.]

there's =one= way to 'feel-good': do the Work that 'your' own
fantastically-well-'engineered' nervous system recognizes as needing doing.
all the 'rewards' one needs are built-right-in, the most-important being
that "you" actually fix what needs fixin', rather than 'making-believe' that
it's 'not-there'.

take 'drugs' and, it might be the case that "you" will make innocuous
conversation without fail, but "you'll" also stagnate developmentally,
punctuated by episodes of being 'trapped' within error-stuff from which
"you" cannot gracefully recover.

all of this robs society of what "you" could, otherwise, do.

but, "you'll" do it 'blissfully'-uncaringly, because "you've" turned-off the
part of "your" nervous system that's 'engineered' to guard, protect, and
carry "you" through to fruition.

it's Hard for me to discuss this stuff. i know the pharmaceutical companies
'love' their 'profits' more than Truth, that they are 'powerful', and am
aware that they've actively worked to counter NDT's understanding, but they
are Wrong [of late, rather than working-against, switching to
taking-advantage: "generalized anxiety disorder"; "it's abnormal to have to
pee 8 times a day", etc. good grief! this is nothing more than Predation
upon Society as a whole, inducing folks, in general, to 'count' how often
others go to the bathroom [which is a calculated effect that's in-there; the
same making-folks-self-conscious that's used in selling a g'zillion other
things, all Preying upon Society, under the weak-disguise-'premise' of
'necessary sophistocation']. good grief! hasn't anyone got anything better
to do than count others' trips to the bathroom? well, maybe not, if "you"
are all drugged-up], and what they do to Society, by recklessly proffering
chemical B. S. is as Tragic as it is Disgusting.

this False Finitization with respect to that which is referred to as
'depression' =must= be transcended.

there exist no 'magic-bullets' that, somehow, imbue a nervous system with
all the stuff that can only be constructed via the physically-real
occurrence of the necessary underpinning neural activation 'states'. such
'magic-bullets' would have to have all the information necessary to
construct the 'correct' biological mass encoded within them. they'd have to
'bottle' WDB2T just as if an individual had actually experienced it the
'hard' way, all the directions gotten-correct with respect to WDB2T, and
with respect to the neural and mocleular Topology of individual nervous

God can do such. man, lacking omniscience, cannot, and never will be able to
do so, be-cause, except for its inherent one-way-ness, WDB2T is
infinitely-dynamic, and, therefore, un-bottle-able. all one needs to
'bottle' the one-way-ness is a bit of understanding [literally one bit].

it's 'hilarious'. the profit-seekers go on and on about the supposed
'life-saving' qualities of the chemical B. S. they spew, and no one
steps-back-a-bit to see that the False Finitization inherent is Killing
Society as a whole?

not much sense in-there.

we =can= do a lot, though, we can use our innate intelligence to Recognize
what others are going through as the Joyous stuff-of-Life that it is. we can
understand, and, rather than ab-using them by treating them as it "there's
something wrong" with them, or by jumping on the "get a pill" bandwagon, we
can demonstrate our respect, and gently assist and encourage.

the only thing that's 'wrong' in-there, is that they've learned this or that
that 'moves away from' Truth. there's a mis-take in-there.

we need to be more-generous in our understanding of the ubiquity of
"mis-takes". our senses of humor are 'engineered' in-there for just that
purpose - to "invert" all the garbage-stuff so that it can be shunted-off
[literally "laughter" and "crying" are TD E/I =shunts=], and the work of
learning gotten-on-with.

see why i 'dread' discussing the dynamics of what's been referred to as

i understand the magnitude of the behavioral inertia that's correlated to
the False Finitization that's been the status quo.

i want to Give folks the understanding, but this's a portion of the
understanding that folks'll tend to 'move away from', but i've got to do it,

it's fallen to-me to do all of this Hard stuff.

oh well.

Thank God for Children who grasp the worth inherent in 'listening' to "the
rocket's red glare" with one's belly.

one such Child, not 'moving away from', will get me through this night's

[of course i've only scratched the surface, here. if "you" look-into-it,
"you" will be able to explore the rest on "your" own, and i Encourage "you"
to do so.]

k. p. collins

Kenneth Collins wrote in message
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>important article:
>Antidepressants Lift Clouds, but Lose 'Miracle Drug' Label, By ERICA GOODE
>what i'll discuss, later, is NDT's perspective on the dynamics of what has
>been referred to as "depression' [see AoK, Ap8].
>gotta go see the "rocket's red glare", just now, here in my home 'town'.
>God Bless America. may This Nation Joyously Transcend what 'the beast',
>Abstract Ignorance, has done to Humanity, on behalf of =all= of Humanity!
>[what America means to me.]
>k. p. collins

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