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Mon Jul 1 16:08:22 EST 2002

Necessary Forthright Confession: i am a nicotine Addict, so just about
everything that's 'Hard' in my previous post [quoted below], applies
directly to myself.

i've discussed all of this, repeatedly, in the past.

there's never been a 'good'-'time' to withdraw from my Addiction.

but, if it's the case that enough of NDT's stuff has been communicated,
perhaps, i should go-ahead, now.

i've 'quit' for up to 14 months in the past, but, when i do, the 'emptiness'
of my 'Life' rises-to-the-surface of my Being, mainly in the form of Needing
to be 'in-Love',, you know, 'romantically'.

but, then, it 'hurts' so much to witness Love being subjected to the
ramifications of all the 'Hard' stuff i must do, that i do the Loving thing,
and spare Love the 'Hardness'.

which leaves me 'alone', and i throw nicotine's 'blanket' on the 'fire'.

which, of course, leaves me in the same 'swimming-hole' with respect to
which i expressed "Disgust" in my prior post.

the folks who are raising taxes on tobacco are Correct.

explain all of this to your Children - what smoking does to nervous systems.

and, if i do withdraw, please don't leave me hanging-in-the-nothingness.

please let me do what needs to be done.

let me Secure the Existence of the understanding.

after that, i'll be just about used-up, so what follows doesn't matter,


k. p. collins

Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>there was a Wonderful Child at the fireworks display [among many, many,
>other such ones]. i listened to him from where he was, across the sidewalk
>behind me. he'd soar into a exuberant revelry with each new burst of light,
>laughing, shouting, expressing his evaluation of the stimulation pouring
>into his nervous system. and i found myself agreeing with his
>pure-intelligence, focussed, as it was, on Seeing everything in the
>display's unfolding and his unselfconscious Sharing with his Family.
>earlier, during the firing of some some loud-banger test rockets, he and i
>agreed that it's fun to 'listen' with your belly :-)
>good gosh! the True-Wonder Stuff of every Child is something to behold!
>anyway, his Joy kind-of-sort-of pushed the 'fight' out of me this night, so
>i'll discuss what's been referred to as "depression" still later. [the gist
>of what i'll discuss has been in AoK all along. what's been referred to as
>"depression" is a highly-functional "learning cul-de-sac-handling
>that was 'engineered' into nervous systems by evolutionary dynamics.
>see? at the edge of familiarity, learning occurs via trial-and-error. this
>often results in information that's gathred post-learning 'countermanding'
>the former learning.
>but the former learning already has "biological mass" underpinning it.
>resolving the TD E/I(up) 'state' that's instantiated by the
>info, necessitates a degree of dissolution of the formerly-constructed
>biological mass. this "rendering useless" constitutes an internal
>circumstance that elevates TD E/I further.
>evolutionary dynamics 'engineered' what's been referred to as "depression"
>into nervous systems as a mechanism that 'quiets' the supersystem so that
>folks'll tend not to manifest behavior that 'acts out' the elevated TD E/I
>this is useful because, if the elevated TD E/I condition was 'acted out',
>that behavior would tend, strongly, to elevate TD E/I within the nervous
>systems of those who experienced it, probably resulting in their 'moving
>away from', which'd tend to further elevate TD E/I within the first
>nervous system, and so forth.
>what's been referred to as "depression" is, therefore, an
>absolutely-essential part of how learning occurs within nervous systems.
>it's been rendered 'pathological' by folks who were acting upon a
>False Finitization.
>and pharmaceutical manufacturers've gotten rich promulgating the correlated
>Ignorance throughout Society.
>for sure, one of the consequences of such has been the Wall
>Street-and-corporate-CEO 'meltdown' that's been inflicted upon society.
>throw drug-'monkey-wrenches into the spokes of cognition, and what results
>is relative absence of ability to act upon errors that show their stuff
>'retroactively' [only subsequent-to-erroneous-learning].
>the tacit 'theme': "Pop those pills. Who cares about doing the work
>in financial representation [or other responsibility]?"
>the same stuff is rampant within society, robbing society of all sorts of
>good-and-necessary endeavor. [Young folks emulate this
>societally-demonstrated stuff ["inductive learning"; AoK, Ap5] through
>use of this or that street drug. they "can't wait" to 'be like' those who
>trade their Intelligence for this or that supposed chemical-short-cut.]
>there's =one= way to 'feel-good': do the Work that 'your' own
>fantastically-well-'engineered' nervous system recognizes as needing doing.
>all the 'rewards' one needs are built-right-in, the most-important being
>that "you" actually fix what needs fixin', rather than 'making-believe'
>it's 'not-there'.
>take 'drugs' and, it might be the case that "you" will make innocuous
>conversation without fail, but "you'll" also stagnate developmentally,
>punctuated by episodes of being 'trapped' within error-stuff from which
>"you" cannot gracefully recover.
>all of this robs society of what "you" could, otherwise, do.
>but, "you'll" do it 'blissfully'-uncaringly, because "you've" turned-off
>part of "your" nervous system that's 'engineered' to guard, protect, and
>carry "you" through to fruition.
>it's Hard for me to discuss this stuff. i know the pharmaceutical companies
>'love' their 'profits' more than Truth, that they are 'powerful', and am
>aware that they've actively worked to counter NDT's understanding, but they
>are Wrong [of late, rather than working-against, switching to
>taking-advantage: "generalized anxiety disorder"; "it's abnormal to have to
>pee 8 times a day", etc. good grief! this is nothing more than Predation
>upon Society as a whole, inducing folks, in general, to 'count' how often
>others go to the bathroom [which is a calculated effect that's in-there;
>same making-folks-self-conscious that's used in selling a g'zillion other
>things, all Preying upon Society, under the weak-disguise-'premise' of
>'necessary sophistocation']. good grief! hasn't anyone got anything better
>to do than count others' trips to the bathroom? well, maybe not, if "you"
>are all drugged-up], and what they do to Society, by recklessly proffering
>chemical B. S. is as Tragic as it is Disgusting.
>this False Finitization with respect to that which is referred to as
>'depression' =must= be transcended.
>there exist no 'magic-bullets' that, somehow, imbue a nervous system with
>all the stuff that can only be constructed via the physically-real
>occurrence of the necessary underpinning neural activation 'states'. such
>'magic-bullets' would have to have all the information necessary to
>construct the 'correct' biological mass encoded within them. they'd have to
>'bottle' WDB2T just as if an individual had actually experienced it the
>'hard' way, all the directions gotten-correct with respect to WDB2T, and
>with respect to the neural and mocleular Topology of individual nervous
>God can do such. man, lacking omniscience, cannot, and never will be able
>do so, be-cause, except for its inherent one-way-ness, WDB2T is
>infinitely-dynamic, and, therefore, un-bottle-able. all one needs to
>'bottle' the one-way-ness is a bit of understanding [literally one bit].
>it's 'hilarious'. the profit-seekers go on and on about the supposed
>'life-saving' qualities of the chemical B. S. they spew, and no one
>steps-back-a-bit to see that the False Finitization inherent is Killing
>Society as a whole?
>not much sense in-there.
>we =can= do a lot, though, we can use our innate intelligence to Recognize
>what others are going through as the Joyous stuff-of-Life that it is. we
>understand, and, rather than ab-using them by treating them as it "there's
>something wrong" with them, or by jumping on the "get a pill" bandwagon, we
>can demonstrate our respect, and gently assist and encourage.
>the only thing that's 'wrong' in-there, is that they've learned this or
>that 'moves away from' Truth. there's a mis-take in-there.
>we need to be more-generous in our understanding of the ubiquity of
>"mis-takes". our senses of humor are 'engineered' in-there for just that
>purpose - to "invert" all the garbage-stuff so that it can be shunted-off
>[literally "laughter" and "crying" are TD E/I =shunts=], and the work of
>learning gotten-on-with.
>see why i 'dread' discussing the dynamics of what's been referred to as
>i understand the magnitude of the behavioral inertia that's correlated to
>the False Finitization that's been the status quo.
>i want to Give folks the understanding, but this's a portion of the
>understanding that folks'll tend to 'move away from', but i've got to do
>it's fallen to-me to do all of this Hard stuff.
>oh well.
>Thank God for Children who grasp the worth inherent in 'listening' to "the
>rocket's red glare" with one's belly.
>one such Child, not 'moving away from', will get me through this night's
>[of course i've only scratched the surface, here. if "you" look-into-it,
>"you" will be able to explore the rest on "your" own, and i Encourage "you"
>to do so.]
>k. p. collins
>Kenneth Collins wrote in message
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>>important article:
>>Antidepressants Lift Clouds, but Lose 'Miracle Drug' Label, By ERICA GOODE
>>what i'll discuss, later, is NDT's perspective on the dynamics of what has
>>been referred to as "depression' [see AoK, Ap8].
>>gotta go see the "rocket's red glare", just now, here in my home 'town'.
>>God Bless America. may This Nation Joyously Transcend what 'the beast',
>>Abstract Ignorance, has done to Humanity, on behalf of =all= of Humanity!
>>[what America means to me.]
>>k. p. collins

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