it's why physical reality seems to be inherently 'Mathematical'

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Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>>Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>>but physical reality isn't the 'Maths'.
>boy, i =was= 'tired' :-)
>what i was talking about has to do with the way that this or that Maths
>description seems, now or then, to 'coincide' with physical reality. but,
>when additional information is gathered, it's seen that some other Maths,
>'coincides' with physical reality.
>example: Ptolemaic Earth-centered planetary view-->Copernican Sun-centered
>planetary view.
>when one looks, one usually can discern a convergence within succeeding
>generations of Maths that 'coincide' with physical reality.
>the 'point' that i was discussing in the prior msg is that this convergence
>in the Maths 'worldview' is heading right for WDB2T which is what
>evolutionary dynamics 'figured-out' eons ago, and constructed nervous
>systems around.
>nervous systems do =all= Calculation relative to WDB2T [obtain 'values' in
>terms of relative coincidence with WDB2T]. all of the neural Topology is
>[ideally] minimally-aligned with WDB2T. to the degree that there're False
>Finitizatons in the mix, the neural Topology remains aligned with WDB2T,
>non-minimally. degree of alignment with WDB2T determines the
>information-processing 'power' of a nervous system.
>non-minimal alignment with WDB2T is a TD E/I(up) condition, and requires
>more information-processing Work than is required in the minamally-aligned
>case, which lengthens problem-solving 'time'-courses, has less
>relative to the volitional diminishing-returns decision threshold [AoK,
>Ap7], more of the work done goes to waste.
>can 'you' see, in the above, why it is that experience matters?
>a nervous system can do X information-processing work, but, if a nervous
>system is relatively-misaligned with WDB2T, commensurately-more of that
>nervous system's work goes to waste.
>WDB2T 'maps' Truth within physical reality.
>this's why nervous systems are 'engineered' around WDB2T.
>to the degree that it converges-upon such, interface-facilitation Maths
>coincides with physical reality.
>to the degree that it diverges from such, relative to physical reality, the
>interface-facilitation Maths is 'just' an arbitrary descriptive 'language'
>that has usefulness to the degree that both the 'language' and its
>correlated experience are simultaneously shared'.
>Maths applied to physical reality can be Verified through its coincidence
>with WDB2T.
>this's Tapered Harmony's position 'in a nutshell'.
>this's =all= of Science.
>using the WDB2T approach requires 'back-tracking' within 'traditional'
>approaches to physical reality, fixing Errors, and rewriting, but, then,
>allows progress that was, formerly. 'Impossible'.
>does this make things clearer [easier to comprehend]?
>if not, why not try to 'break' these few simple 'rules' by trying to state
>any 'contradiction' from within all of physical reality?
>k. p. collins

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