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Thu Jul 4 04:55:41 EST 2002

With respect to the recent United States Supreme Court decision on school

unfortunately, there's been a lot of 'blindly'-automated
'knee-jerk'-reaction stuff.

"unfortunate", because the extremely-simple 'heart' of the matter has been
completely 'overlooked', not because it's 'invisible', but because there
exist "prefrontal constellations" [AoK, Ap7] that have been constructed over
the course of long-experience, inbred within this or that
relatively-shared-experience 'boundaries', [i.e., within this or that
'religious' or anti-'religious, subgroup, within this or that 'legal'
purvue, within this or that educational-magnitude group, etc. [before
continuing, work to =see= the experientially-generated group 'boundaries',
which, of course, include "Religious" 'boundaries'.] to the degree that
experience within such 'boundaries' is mutually-exclusive with experience
outside any such 'boundary', a TD E/I-'antagonism' comes to exist, in-group
vs. out-group. the how and why of this are explained in AoK. antagonistic
behavioral inertias; Prejudice; mutually-inverted continuua of relative
familiarities [AoK; Ap4].]

the extremely-simple stuff that's been 'overlooked' [rendered-'invisible'
through the action of experientially-generated prefrontal constallations] is
with respect to the possibility that this or that 'Religion' does, to a
degree, address Truth.

to the degree that this or that 'Religion' does, in fact, address Truth,
'blindly'-and-automatically invoking "separation of Church and State"
arbitrarily attempts to, literally, out-law, Truth.

in this one thing, it is clearly seen that such 'blindly'-and-automatically
invoking "separation of Church and State" inflicts great harm upon Society,
for, to the degree that Truth cannot be addressed, Society is doomed to a
commensurate degree of Failure-to-thrive.

this dilemma, itself, exists as a result of prefrontal constellations that
have been constructed, and intergenerationally-handed-down, in a
self-augmenting way, over the course of Human History, as a result of all
the 'blindly'-automated 'religious'-warfare that's occurred [numerous
examples of which exist even as i write this; 'catholicism' and
'protestantism' in Northern Ireland, 'islamism' and 'judaism' in the Middle
East, 'islamism' and 'hinduism' in Pakistan and India, 'communism' and
non-Communism in China, North Korea, Cuba, 'christianism' and 'islamism' in
many places, 'christianism' and Judaism in many places [Synagogues being
Desicrated, etc.], 'christianism' and non-'christianism', 'islamism' and
non-'islamism', 'judaism' and non-'judaism', in general around the globe,

'humanity' has 'learned' to 'move away from' such 'religious-conflict'
because of "humanity's" long experience with the Devastation it

but look at the 'result' of such 'moving away from'. it's Consequence is
that any Truth that happens to be espoused by this or that Religion is
'blindly'-and-automatically 'moved away from' when "separation of Church and
State" is invoked.

it's 'hilarious'. all along, the Problem has =not= been a "Religious" thing.
all along, the Problem has been that Truth has been 'moved away from'.

so, folks who profess to honor the Constitution need to take a closer look
at what they are, in fact, doing when they 'blindly'-and-automatically
invoke "separation of Church and State". to the degree that this or that
Religion does, in fact, address Truth, what they're actually doing is
arguing against any and all Freedom to 'move toward' Truth, which
constitutes a complete 'refutation' of the First Amendment of the
Constitution of the United States of America.

'support' one Amendment by 'denying' another?

all such 'blindly'-and-automatically invoking of "separation of Church and
State" is is a cheap acquiescence to an experientially-acquired volitional
diminishing-returns decision [AoK, Ap7] in which Truth that our Children
=must= be Educated, that our Children and their Parents have Obligation as
Citizens to pursue the best-possible Educational experience, etc., is

Truth Trumps =all= 'absence'-of-Truth, every 'time', in any circumstances,
in every instance, and no amount of 'blindly'-automated exertion of
behavioral 'pressure' can change such in the slightest way.

exertion of behavioral 'pressure', that induces 'moving away from' Truth
'just' imposes, upon itself, the Consequences of Truth's having been 'moved
away from'.

the Problem has been that ancient Prejudices have been allowed to exert such
behavioral 'pressures' that induce 'moving away from' Truth.

is it any 'wonder', then, that 'humanity' has been so Ravaged by the
Consequences inherent in 'moving away from' Truth?


so, what's Necessary is to Honor Truth, and such is Simple.

that Honoring Truth seems 'Hard' is but an Illusion that's bourn in
long-familiar stuff that's been haphazardly-accumulated while 'the beast',
Abstract Ignorance, has been allowed its 'blindly'-automated
Dictatorial-existence within Human nervous systems.

the Key to =beginning= to sort it out is, once again, to =just= See the
Needs of the Children, and Work to Fill those Needs.

in terms of the Needs of the Children, the 'blindly'-automatated invoking of
"separation of Church and State" can be seen for what it is: Prejudice,
working to sustain itself, 'blindly' and automatically. Prejudice that
'blindly' and automatically presumes that "Religion" is "mutually-exclusive"
with Truth.

what if this or that "Religion" does, in fact, address Truth?

our Constitution, supposedly, "forces" us to 'move away from' Truth?

it's 'hilarious' that all the knee-jerk stuff flat-out Presumes such, yet
also Presumes that it's 'worthy' of 'respect.

to Hell with Truth?

it's 'hilarious'.

note well, i =totally= support "separation of Church and State" in this way:
each person is to Choose for her-him- self. the Government cannot Dictate
the subject of such Choice.

take the recent "Pledge of Alegience" consideration as a working example.
and, then, consider what you 'know' of my experience as i've worked to
explain TD E/I-minimization to you. my work is my Choice. i've met, over a
long course of years, with almost-complete 'rejection'. that is, i'm forced
to exist in a situation in which i am an extreme 'minority'.

you've experienced my 'whining' about how much it 'hurts'.

but, you see? what i've experienced is a result of my Choice that entails
doing that which 'runs-contrary' to the experience of the vast majority of

it's for =me= to bear the Consequences of =my= Choice to behave in a way
that 'runs-contrary' to the experience of the majority.

and you'll note that, through it all, i've Guarded Free Will. that is, i
haven't taken any position that presupposes i've any 'right' to 'dictate'
=my= Choice upon anyone else.

this's =exactly= the circumstance of those who disagree on including the
words "under God" in the Pledge of Alegience", isn't it.

=their= Choice 'runs-contrary' to the experience of the majority. it's for
them to bear the Consequences of =their= Choice.

there's =nothing= in the Constitution of the United States of America that
gives anyone the Right to impose their own Choice upon anyone else.

yet, that's what the Judge in California was trying to make the Law say.

doesn't compute.

the same Logic applies right across the board with respect to "separation of
Church and State", including the "school voucher" stuff.

in a Democracy, one respects the Rights of others.

such doesn't mean that one must not Choose anything that 'runs-contrary' to
the experience of others.

on the contrary, Democracy =only= Works if, while Guarding the Rights of
others, one does act-upon one's Choice.

sadly, many have invoked "separation of Church and State" as if it means
that, "if your choice runs contrary to my choice, you cannot act-upon your
choice", which is anathema to Democracy.

Democracy isn't for 'wimps'.

Democracy is Given-Birth, and Sustained, in Citizens'
bearing-the-Consequences of their Choices.

when i come up against such questions, i always think of them in terms of
Guarding Free Will.

to Guard Free Will doesn't mean that one must abdicate Choice, but it does
mean that one must strive to "do unto others as one would have others do
unto him".

it's as i've explained, however, the 'doing unto self and others' happens in
terms of TD E/I-minimization.

and, when one looks, one sees that the Problem isn't "separation of Church
and State", and it isn't "Belief".

it is in pervasive attempts to =impose= that which corresponds to TD
E/I-minimization within one's own nervous system upon the nervous systems of

such 'says', "I will experience TD E/I(min), but you will experience TD

and =that= is the wellspring of the Problem that folks're Falsely
attributing to "Belief".

again, and again, and again... it's 'the beast', Abstract Ignorance, and our
'loving' ['moving toward'] it more than we 'love' [move toward'] Truth, that
wreaks Havoc in our midst, and all over the place, around the world.

the rest is nothing but Sophistry which 'blindly' and automatically sustains
the existence of 'the beast', Abstract Ignorance, within the flesh of our
nervous systems.

through our own Volition, we Choose 'the beast', yet, simultaneously, expect

"yeah, sure."

"Democracy" is folks Lifting themselves up in-Choice, bearing the
Consequences of their Choice, while, simultaneously Choosing to behave
Respectfully toward all others who do exactly the Same-Stuff.

Sadly, there's been 'two' much of 'choice', 'two' little of
bearing-the-Consequences, and 'two' little 'Respect' for others doing the

one out of three doesn't cut-it.

TD E/I(down) to you and yours.

k. p. collins

k. p. collins

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