Simple question: Pronunciation of "Wernicke"?

Peter Douglas Zohrab zohrab at
Fri Jul 5 17:56:09 EST 2002

As a linguist (in both senses of that term), and as a former teacher of
German, I can say that words from one language are never pronounced in
another the language in the same way as they were in the original language,
so quit worrying !  As long as your colleagues know who you are referring
to, that's fine.  Even in German-speaking countries the name "Wernicke" is
pronounced in at least two different ways, as far as the final "e" is

Peter Zohrab
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> > I`ve always said it as "Ver- NICK- Key" - can anyone reassure or correct
> > this please.
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> > Andrew Austin.
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> I usually say Vair-ni-cuh or Ver-ni-cuh depending on the moment.  I do
> some English that do say Wer-ni-cuh, but that's just the English being
> English.  :-)
> Any Germans in the audience tonight?
> Just as a side note, I've known three different pronunciations of Van
> Americans say Van Go
> English say Van Goff
> The Dutch say Van (G)o with a gutteral sound to the G.
> -Joseph III

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