brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Mon Jul 8 10:43:13 EST 2002

"Peter Douglas Zohrab" <zohrab at> wrote in message news:M3GV8.4246
> > well, you can look into the empirical data--there is no significant
> > difference.
> I have already said that I don't trust the academics who construct the
> that produce the IQ data.  The various "abilities" that IQ tests test for,
> and the test items that are used, have been challenged for alleged
> bias, and they can be challenged for (anti-male) sex bias, as well.  These
> "abilities" and test items are not grounded in observable psychological or
> neurological reality in any direct way.  The issues surrounding IQ tests
> have been politicised -- I can recall a lot of students protesting when
> Eysenck came to speak at my university, for example.  I suspect political
> interference, since men are an underclass in Western universities at
> present.

You should be aware, Peter that the worldwide TIMSS test gives us the
perfect opportunity to flush out exactly what it is about "IQ tests" that
they don't correlate with brain size, when GRE Quantitative scores DO
correlate.  Philippe Rushton in a recent telephone conversation seemed to be
surprised that this was the case--or maybe he was just humoring me );  In
any event, if brain size and GRE scores DO correlate, but brain size and IQ
scores do NOT, then the odds are high that "IQ tests" have been so
"politicized" [read: manipulated, in order to advance the FALSE gender
"equality" agenda] that they're literally meaningless.

Please let me know if you see any errors in the following url's (which
contain direct links to much of the data needed to understand that your
suspicion is RIGHT ON TARGET): for why Einstein's brain cannot be
trusted as a control sample


John Knight

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