brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > > > > > us, we would not be wasting our time following up the idea that
> > might
> > > > > > matter for male brains vs female brains.
> > > > >
> > > > > do you know of an easy way for a male's brain to become female? or
> > vice
> > > > > versa?
> > > > >
> > > > That must be one of the most irrelevant questions I have ever come
> > across in
> > > > a discussion.  Please stick to the topic, if that doesn't embarrass
> > too
> > > > much.
> > >
> > > Please hide your own embarrasment.  Unless there is some way to equate
> > > the samples, it is not scientificly justifiable to compare apples to
> > > oranges.  You acknowledge that male brains can't become female and
> > > versa so males should be compared to males and females should be
> > > compared to females.
> > >
> > I must be dreaming !  Are you trying to tell me that you can't compare
> > weight of one hundred apples with the weight of one hundred oranges,
> > you know of some genetic way to convert the one into the other ?
> your ignorance is showing.
> if you want to make a claim about how a particular apple is unique among
> it's class, it is pointless to compare it to objects outside it's class.

You seem to be ignoring Peter's original point about the differences in
average size between male and female brains.  To be specific, it's of much
concern to his point that the male brain contains an average of 3 1/2
billion or 18% more brain cells than the female brain, and that their sizes
are correspondingly different.

The purpose of this thread is what you're claiming is "pointless".  It's
useful to include known outliers in the data if they're not unique in some
way, but because it's known that "Einstein's papers" were written one or two
decades earlier in Europe by other men whom he never cited, using his brain
size as a control sample is exactly the wrong thing to do.  He's a member of
the race which has one of the smallest brain sizes as well.

Peter will get closer to the truth if he sticks to the averages across race
and sex, particularly if the standard deviations at are correct.

John Knight

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