brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>>>But the *information* is out there.  Credit to Leonardo
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>>>> When Wechsler was developing his IQ test, he found
>>>> that out of 105 tests assessing skills in solving
>>>> maze-puzzles, involving the most heterogeneous
>>>> populations throughout the world, 99 showed an
>>>> incontrovertible male superiority. (Wechsler resolved
>>>> this type of problem by eliminating all those tests
>>>> that resulted in findings of significant sex
>>>> differences.)
>>Is this true?  Is this how the IQs of men and women were "equalized"--by
>>throwing out 94% of the test?
> I reported it exactly the way it was told to me.  I consider the
> report credible, but I have no further information, sorry.

94% of "the test" was not discarded as "the test" had yet to be 
constructed.  In constructing the Weschler Scales, there were a lot of 
instruments considered and discarded as potential measures.  In the 
final product, are there systemic gender differences?

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