brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Tue Jul 9 13:45:29 EST 2002

"Peter Douglas Zohrab" <zohrab at> painstakingly noted:

>Maybe so, but that is not relevant to the present discussion.  If you are
>saying that Einstein's brain was the anomalous (please note the spelling of
>this word) subject, that is inappropriate to this discussion, since his
>brain was presumably not part of the sample on the basis of which the
>generalisation was made that female brains are smaller than male brains.

J P Rushton (The National Review, September 15, 1997) pointed out that
any debate over the relation between brain size and intelligence was

	Subsequently, of course, discoveries using Magnetic Resonance
	Imaging (MRI), which creates a three-dimensional image of the
	living brain, have shown a strong positive correlation (0.44)
	between brain size and intelligence. And there is more. The
	National Collaborative Perinatal Study, as reported by Sarah
	Broman and her colleagues, showed that head perimeter measured
	at birth significantly predicts head perim-eter at 7 years --
	and head perimeter at both ages predicts IQ. Recent studies
	also show that head size and IQ vary with social class. 

	It is, of course, relationships between brain size/IQ and sex
	and race which, understandably, arouse the most anxiety. Some
	critics have even suggested a social taboo on discussion and
	research in these fields. That would run counter to the entire
	tradition of scientific inquiry.

You appear to have come up against the "social taboo" he mentions.
This is the type of research that Gloria Steinem and Jesse Jackson
want prohibited.

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